My Detailed Bio

As you can probably tell I started with the old Match Maker bio and subtracted multiple choice that were covered by essays and then added in stuff from other sites that Match Maker did not ask. I tried to not be too redundant but since people don't generally read the whole thing I've tried to give a full answer in each space. This should probably tell you about anything you would ever want to know about me. If not email me and ask. This will be a work in progress too and I'll add in questions people email me.
Note other than for style and email changes this page has not been updated since about 2006. Here for historical reasons.


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What I look like
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My Accounts

On Match Maker I`m DAVID713 (You must login to see bios there)(closed account because of low subscribership)
On I`m Avatar_42(Will run out the end of March because of this)
On - now I`m Avatar_42 (Nice personality chart on here you should check out)(no longer paying member because of low subscribership. Note has changed names twice in the last couple years.)
On Was Avatar_42 (Closed-you have to pay to even read email on here.)
On I'm David(Nonpaying member. Due to high price, $250 / year, and few matches close to Austin I doubt I'll upgrade.)

What I'm looking for

Describe the type of person I might be interested in meeting (either romantically or platonically). What traits do I find attractive?
Mainly Iím looking for someone to do stuff with but if it turns out to be more that would be great. That said I have not had much luck in contacting women on here so Iím probably not going to be initiating emails often. If you think we might be a match send me a wink or an email and Iíll always reply. If you have pets, tivo and a website we ought to at least have drinks and discuss things. If you like sci-fi movies or Joss WhedonĎs stuff then we should definitely get together.
Since most of the women that have emailed me are not good matches let me list some deal breakers.
First you must be sane, as in not on anti-psychotics or working on finding the right anti-depressant dosage. (Seriously you would be surprised how often this has come up.)
Distance, if you are over 30 miles from me the odds weíll find time to go out gets pretty slim. For example Harker Heights is about 60 miles from me and the center of Austin is 35.
Sports, if I donít know someone playing, I donít watch so if you want someone to watch games with Iím not him.
Travel, I would not mind getting out and seeing more but between work and the animals, getting away is tough so if you are looking for a travel companion then Iím probably not him.
If you have read this far and you think I might be fun to hang with it would be a real plus if you are forward enough to email me or at least send a wink.

What TV character is closest to the person I am looking for? After all if a picture is worth a thousand words then a video ....
Although I've only caught the show a couple of times, Lt. Avery on John Doe is very close.
She is beautiful without being vain or afraid to get her hands dirty.
She is mature enough not to be naive but not to the point of being jaded
Intelligent but down to earth
She cares about her pet
She can make friends easily but does not NEED to
She has a passion to do the right things
She has what she needs in her life but would like to have someone special to share it with
I would like her job to not be so dangerous though.

What personal habits of others really irritate me?
Smoking can get to me but the thing that can really gets to me is people that say one thing and do another.
And idiot drivers of course.

What would I expect on a first date?
A kiss at the door

Why did I fill out these bios?
Hoping to start a relationship

Describe what I feel is my ideal relationship?
You have to be good friends and build on that. We definately both should have the same goals so we can build a life we both enjoy instead of trying to find the time for different things.

Would I consider meeting someone that emailed me?
I'd get together with someone interesting

If I were to meet someone for the first time, what would be the "perfect" setting?
A place we could talk over dinner or drinks.

What are the qualities I admire in my friends?
I can count on them. I don't have many friends but the ones I do have are pretty close.

Where have I met most of my current friends? Describe my social circle of friends.
Most of my "older" friends moved to Colorado in 2000. Most of my newer friends I met through work or the online dating sites.

Her location:
Within 25 miles of Leander. (Within an hours drive.)

How tall?
She should probably be 5 foot 6 or taller to make things easier.

Her build?
Lets say from Debra Messing (Prey/Will&Grace) on the thin end to Jennifer Saunders (AbFab) on the other end.

Her age?
Probably my age plus or minus 10 years is most likely but I care more about common references than years.

What I look like

Birthday: December 20th.
ZIP: 78641 (Leander, TX ).

What is my sex?

What is my sexual orientation?

How old am I?

What is my weight?
240 pounds - 250 pounds lately blame the holidays. Now that things are warning up it will be easier to get back on track.

What is my height?
Just under 6 ft. 2 in.

How would I describe my body type?
I guess I'm average

What is the color of my hair?
I guess it`s kind of lite brown. Goes blonde with enough sun and some times redish. Best look at the pics.

What is the style of my hair?
I'd say short right now but again this is subjective.

What color eyes do I have?
They tend to be blue but go green from time to time.

Do I have eyewear?
DPS has decided I do not need my glasses to drive (again) but I wear them to drive anyway.

Do I have any body art?
No, I do not have any body art

Realistically, when people look at me, they think I have:
Average looks

Describe my physique.
You might as well just go look for yourself at pictures of me.

About me. (
According to Iím one of the 20% of men they canít match. In most ways I think Iím a typical guy other than I donít watch sports. I kind of run an animal rescue at my place in Leander on about 7 Ĺ acres about 35 miles North West of the center of Austin as a hobby. I say sort of because I mainly take in the animals that are dumped out here and find their way to my door. Being so far out I tend to date women that live on this side of Austin. Personality wise I am VERY straightforward. Don't ask me something unless you want an honest answer. At the same time I think I'm kind of shy. People tell me I'm not but then most of them got to know me in a one on one situation. In a crowd of strangers I tend to clam up. When I'm not taking care of animals I'm generally working on my house, my web sites or making DVDs. If you want to know more send me an email or a wink and Iíll reply back and or send you a link to my main website.

My opinions

Describe my personality.
Personality wise I am VERY straightforward. Don't ask me something unless you want an honest answer. You might get some insight from the photo album captions too.

Is age important to me?
I always say I'm looking for a 50 year old woman in a 30 year old body but seriously I think people have to be close to the same mental age to relate. When I was growing up most of my friends were adults so on a lot of things I tend to have the views and memories of someone older than myself. In fact only in the last couple years have I dated women younger than myself. It all really comes down to communication. If you or I have to keep explaining our references things will inevitably start to drag. But with 500 channels now, a lot of them showing the same movies and TV shows I grew up with, it's getting much easy to talk to younger people. ;-)

Do I favor a particular color?
This question should be more specific. As a general answer I'd go with blue but a blue car would be just above hideous green on my list of car colors for instance. Right now I`d describe my favorite car color as either yellow with brown trim or black with gold trim. A psychology major will tell you this means my home is very important to me and I tend to alternate between explaining things and being secretive. Though I tend to be a pretty open book so I don`t get the last part.

What is my favorite OUTDOOR activity?
Generally when I'm outside I'm doing something around my house. Either working on the place, messing with the animals or taking pictures. Sitting out watching the stars or walking in the woods with someone special can be fun too. Getting out on the lake is great but I don't know anyone with a boat any more and I just don't seem to be able to get away enough to invest in one myself.

What is my favorite INDOOR activity?
Well if I have someone special with me I'd probably say snuggling up with a special person to watch a movie. When I'm by myself I tend to be either working on my house, working on my computer programs / web site, editing video, watching TV or a multiple of the above at the same time. Just hanging out with friends and talking at a local pub is great too.

Basically, I consider myself to be:
The answer here is supposed to be an indoor or outdoor person. I like getting outdoors on a nice day but I seem to be inside more. Isn't that about right for everyone?

What is my favorite type of music?
This varies a lot. It's probably simplier to say what I don't like. They would be rap, blue grass, opera and really heavy metal. My current mix CDs include songs by ELO, Pink Floyd / Roger Waters, Shawn Colvin, Toy Matinee, Harry Chapin, Ronny Milsap, Jimmy Buffet, Suzie Quatro, Dido, George Michael, Queen and Bruce Springsteen. more

How would I describe my sense of humor?
I enjoy a good joke or story but to be honest my sense of humor does not always go with the main stream. For example I have heard David Letterman off and on since he was on the radio just outside of Indy. I've yet to hear anything from him that made me laugh. Turn on the BBCs Coupling, especially season 2. Now that's funny. I've seen some of those 20 times and they still kill me. Comedians I like are Robin Williams and the older Gallagher stuff. Book wise Douglas Adams and Terry Prachett. TV, Tom Baker in Dr. Who (only one that seemed to know it was supposed to be funny) I loved the non PC Absolutely Fabulous but I might finally be getting to the point where I've seen them to many times. And of course this site might give you some insites to this question as well. (Just so we are on the same page, the ;-) means I meant it as a joke.)

If I could have any pet, which one of the following would I choose?
I get to choose? They have always just shown up or been dropped off before. ;-)
If I could just have one pet though with no governing factors like space or food budgets I'd pick a Great Pyrenees. They are big dogs that are as independent and smart as cats but loyal like a dog and easier to contain than a cat.

Do I drink?
I can drink quite a bit when the occasion calls for it though I generally know where to draw the line and don't drive if I cross it accidentally. There is a saying in the biz that you have to be able to hold your liquor if you work at a dot com. It's not that they go out that much but when they do ... Anyway I've mellowed quite a bit in that department since I have to get home to feed animals twice a day.

Do I smoke?
I do not smoke. The smoke gets to me before long if the bar is full of smokers.

Do I take drugs?
I`m just getting to the point of taking aspirin when something hurts. I don't personally have anything against pot but my lungs do.

Do I follow fashion?
I generally wear jeans and t-shirts.

How organized am I?
I usually don't get caught by surprises

Am I interested in a gay experience?
I'm straight, don't waste your time

Just how typical am I?
I'm a pretty normal person

Describe my television viewing habits.
Tivo is the greatest thing to happen to TV since the VCR. It scans all those channels and can find what you would like to see so there really is something on most of the time. And the best bit is that you can watch them in any order and delete them just as easy. I find it has actually cut down on what I watch because now I only watch what I really want to see. On the other hand I seldom if ever actually sit down and just watch TV. I have my system set up so the programs are broadcast all over the house so I can work on other things while I catch up on shows. What my tivo has to say

Which is my favorite season?
Clear and in the 70s is how I like it. Could be fall or spring.

I would rather watch a movie:
Depends on the movie. Some movies you should really see on the big screen. Like big special effects movies. Other movies it's better to be able trade comments on while you watch so you want to do that at home. And still others are great for snuggling which is better with a pause button. ;-)

When I purchase items such as a TV, stereo, or clothing, I:
Generally I spend the most I can afford but I take into account how much use I'll get out of it as well.

What is my main source for current events?
Online or the radio. If something is happening right now I'll turn on the TV.

What type of food / places do I enjoy?
I would describe myself as basically a meat and potatoes kind of guy. As in chlorophyll is evil. ;-) I also like spicy stuff and of course sweets so...
Mexican / TexMex - Trudy's, Chuy's, Taco Cabana ...
Italian - I prefer Spaghetti Ware house to fancy places
Indian - the hotter the better
China Cafe
Mongolian Barbecue
pizza - Dominos or Double Daves
Keffer's has an awesome meatball sub
Junk - McDs,Jack in the box...

What types of movies do I like best?
Science fiction
Probably in that order. more

Which virtues give me most of my self confidence? If I could change one thing about myself, what would it be?
I would say I get confidence from knowing what I am doing and being able to pick things up really fast if I have not needed to learn it in the past.
Personally I think I'm kind of shy. People tell me I'm not but then most of them got to know me in one on one situations. In a crowd of strangers I tend to clam up. I'd like to get over that.
Friends tell me I'm coming off more serious and timid than I turn out to be in person so I guess I need to learn to write better. ;-)

Favorite pastime? Sport? Hobby? Diversion? Just what goes on Sundays at my place?
Usually I'm working on my house. I'm also into home automation and recently started into digital video.
Sunday I usually try to get together with my friends at Trudy's. Though these days everyone seems to be short on time.

How would I characterize my political leanings? (i.e. Democrat, Republican, Reform, Libertarian, Independent, radically left/right, don't care).
I try and make an informed choice.
To paraphrase Douglas Adams: I try to not vote for a lizard.

If I could pick one super-human power (such as comic-book characters have) what would I choose?
I'd be kinetic (move things with your mind)
Being able to pick a wounded animal or a feral cat without being scratched would be great.
Many people seem to answer this with being able to read minds. I think what they really want is to get straight answers from people. Since I tell people what I think (even if it's not what they want to hear) you end up with the same effect.

Do I have any pets? What are they and what are their names?
Most of the site deals with my pets! For a list by name click here.

Describe my religious beliefs, if any.
Christian but I believe in answering questions not preaching.
Listen to Roger Waters "Amused to death" filter the satire and you'll get the idea. ;-)
If you think that makes me non Christian you need to listen to it again.

I attend religious services:

Describe one thing that I would like to do that I have never done or had the courage or opportunity to do.
I'd like to go to Greece. One day I'd like to be able to sing in public. Probably seeing Greece is more likely. ;-) (See Dancing.)

What are some of my life-long goals? Where would I like to be in 2 years? In 5 years?
In 2 years have my home done.
In 5 have all debts paid off.
Though if the economy does not pick up soon I'll have to slide that some.

Who's you're favorite Beatle and why (even if you don't like the Beatles)?
Favorite Beatle would be Paul because he seemed to be the one that held them together.
Though that is more a feeling than fact.

What's your favorite Monty Python sketch?
Favorite sketch probably the philosopher's song. Got to be some truth there.

What was the best book you've ever read?
Best book. Douglas Adam's Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. You can not look at world the same after reading it.

What is your favorite building in Austin?
Favorite building is a tuffy. I used to like the roof at Waterloo but that is history. How about the Bank One parking garage since it's the starting point for most fun trips into town.

How do we get the Republicans out of the White House?
Unfortunately I'm afraid the best we can hope for with the Republicans is that we are still ALLOWED to vote in the next election.

I'm picky when it comes to:
Who I let into my life.

In my bedroom, you'd find:
Bed, books, and occasionally a special need animal.

Best things I learned from my parents:
Know your limits and how to reach them. Never say "I'll do that later". If it's important to you, do it now for you never know if you will be here next year.

Three things I can't live without:
I could live without about anything but I would never abandon my true friends or my charges.

Turn Ons! Turn Offs!
LongHair, Skinny Dipping, Flirting, Public Displays of Affection, Brainiacs, Boldness / Assertiveness Thrill Seekers

Click here to see more things I think about
Results of some personality tests
Tidbits from my Personality test results from


What type of transportation do I use?
A Sport Utility Vehicle. ( More info)

My current living situation is?
Divorced living alone

Do I have any children?
I have no children

Do I want children?
To me this one is kind of like do like blondes. Of course it depends on the child. I do not feel the need to personally sire a child but I don't dismiss women just because they kids. On the other hand kids are a wild card. I've decided to not date some women because of their kids and stayed with others because of them. Let`s face kids are people too. So it you have a kid and we end up together it's 3 people that need to get along not 2.

Where would I prefer to live?
Far enough out of town to be able to see the stars and close enough in that I can still get to work in under a hour.

In what type of dwelling do I live?
I reside in a house which does not say much. If you are curious click here

Do I have a private place to take a partner?
I can skinny dip in my front yard. Now that's private! ;-)

When it comes to cleaning?
I try and keep my place from getting too bad but I have to admit if no one is expected then I let it slide from time to time. Dusting is always a loosing battle in the country it seems.

Describe my favorite place on earth. What makes that place special?
My home, or at least it will be when I'm done with it. 7.5 acres on the side of a hill in the country with a stream running through it. I'm still working on building a kennel, work shop and game room in the "barn". It will be a great place for having friends out for the weekend once it's done. Click here to see pics.

What is my annual income?
I'm not sure I should leave this on in since it seems to attract the wrong type. For those of you that think it's important I'll say this, it`s not what you really want it know. It's not how much you make but how much is left over after bills. Let's just say my gross is high but my net is pretty thin so if you are looking for a sugar daddy, keep looking.

What type of work do I do?
I create dynamic web sites which means I am a computer programmer. I have been for since 1981 but I see computers as tools not entertainment. ( More info)

What is my work schedule?
Does anyone have a regular schedule these days? I work anywhere from 30 to 60 hours in a week. Probably close to 40 most of the time.

Current education level:
I was in college for about a year and a half before I gave up on the slow pace and took matters into my own hands.

Do I dance?
I'll dance if I've had enough to drink and if you see me dancing it's probably best to get my keys. ;-)

When going somewhere,
I am usually on time if not early

Do I belong to any organizations, clubs, teams, or special interest groups?
I have helped out with various animal rescue groups.

Do I go to clubs? If so, please tell us some of my favorites.
I prefer a good beer selection and the ability to hear who I'm with. And a minimum of smoke. Ginger man is good. So was the roof of Waterloo. To bad it closed. Know a similar place?? B.B. Rovers is good too when it's not too smoky or it's nice enough to sit outside.

When it comes to parties I'd best be described as:
As a rule I generally don't go to parties where I don't know anyone. I always like to know there will be at least one person I can talk to.

Do I collect anything?
Lately is seems animals and electronics. Though I'm about maxed out on both. Then there is the Christmas village. It might be about time to back off on that one too. ;-)

Where was I born? What is my ethnic origin or ancestry? List some of the places I have lived or traveled.
Indianapolis. I'm my basic American (mostly European) mix. I've seen a fair part of the local 48 states and a tiny bit of Canada, mostly when I was a kid. I'd like to see more though but with all the animals it's hard to get away. I did luck into going to Hawaii in Nov. 2000.

Something not covered here?
If this has not answered your questions or you want to chat email