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Here are my thought on movies, shows and songs.


For movies I tend to shift depending on my mood. I like the concepts and jokes behind Wizards and can really relate to Avatar some times. Hence my handle on
For something that is just put your brain on idle and let it wash over you funny I'd go with The Fifth Element. Another good one that is so bad it is good is Dark Star. As I recall it was John Carpenters senior project.
I think Freejack is one of the most accurate depictions of what life will be like in the near future.
I like a lot of older stuff too like A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. The Bing Crosby one not the remake.
And there is just something about Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence that I just can not put my finger on but it gets to me and I have to watch it if I come across it. Though my tivo has captured it now so I can put it on tape so I never have to watch it again. ;-)
For a romantic one I'd have to say hands down it's Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeves. Probably the best work he ever did and probably the least known.
Generally I guess I like something I could think "yeah that could happen" but is also interesting. Not one of those movies that is like watching your neighbors struggle through life. Action and great visuals are good too. Some movies you just have to see on the big screen. The first Star Wars movie for instance. I saw that on a curved 70 mm screen with the full speaker stacks. I saw it again in a theater without the special screen and was amazed at the difference. A visual movie needs to draw you into the picture. That is harder when the screen is just a box in front of you. Sometimes it's just nice to see the state of the art like The Matrix or Terminator 2


As for songs again it follows my mood. If I'm felling frustrated at the world I like Toy Matinee's Last Plane out or Roger Water's Amused to Death. The sarcasm reminds me that not only do some people out there get it, but get it well enough to be able to... Well not make fun exactly of the problems but of how obvious solutions can be totally over looked by so many. I like a lot of ELO. A good fun song is Yours Truly off the Time album. Jeff Lynn did a lot of good stuff while he was with ELO though his solo stuff did not seem to play as well. You look at Xanadu, another great movie, he blends a big band and a heavy metal band, each playing what sound like different songs, together and it just works. That reminds me of another great old movie. Ball of Fire - Again the Gary Cooper one not the Danny Kaye remake. Good music and acting which reminds me of Electric Dreams.......

Some of the best music videos I've ever seen are on Michael Nesmith's Elephant Parts 1981 One won the 1st ever best music video grammy. Productions levels so high that on songs like Sunset Sam every movement of the actors is on beat.

My current mix CDs include songs by ELO, Pink Floyd / Roger Waters, Shawn Colvin, Toy Matinee, Harry Chapin, Ronny Milsap, Jimmy Buffet, Suzie Quatro, Dido, George Michael, Queen and Bruce Springsteen.

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