Tidbits from my Personality test results from match.com

match.com is talking about adding personality matching to their site. I imagine it will be simmilar to what emode.com is doing now. For now though they are just collecting data by offering a test to members.
There are graphs and such in the results they probably would want me to reproduce so here are just some highlights.
You refers to me here of course.


Quirks women notice
You have a pretty even-tempered personality and may not have any especially annoying or quirky habits. Of course, seeming to be "perfect" could be seen as a flaw by some, in which case you may just want to pretend to have a bad habit!


She'll be an enigma
You're looking for a woman who can be a pillar of strength and stability in your life. You want a woman you can count on to do what she says and say what she means. You'll be impressed by how responsible, strong-willed and hardworking she is. If you're ever in a crisis, she's definitely the woman you'd want to come to your rescue. She's more compassionate than most people and has a lot of "common sense." She'll dress and act conservatively, but behind her serious exterior is a very loyal and faithful potential partner.

Opposites sometimes attract
You want to share your life with someone who has the same values, goals, and style you have. Research has shown that couples who have more in common tend to stay together longer. Still, sometimes differences can help create a "spark" and excitement about each other. Part of you wants to be more like her, or at least have her unique style in your life. She could be good for you in many ways:
Quirks you can tolerate
The truth is that everyone is potentially "high maintenance." We all have our quirks and shortcomings. The key to long-term harmony is finding a woman who can tolerate (or maybe even enjoy) your "quirks," or the little personal oddities that make you unique. You seem okay with several common quirks that might come along with your "ideal" woman: Downside of your "ideal"
In addition to her quirks, your "ideal" personality type may have other qualities that are more frustrating or challenging to deal with. Under stress, her quirks can become serious "flaws." But remember, these quirks are the "flip side of the coin," or the extreme end of qualities you otherwise find appealing. So, be prepared if:


Romantic sex
Good sex is important to you, but it's only one of many ways you connect emotionally with your partner. Whether it's sexual or simply an affectionate touch, you give and receive pleasure easily.
Among men your age, your particular combination of sexual drive and interests is similar to about 1 in 10 men (11%).

Is she sexually compatible?
You're looking for someone just like you, who values the quality of sex over the quantity. You want someone who would never pressure you about sex.

What's ahead for you sexually?
A good sexual match plays a key role in your "ideal" relationship. Your profile points to a very promising sex life with your future partner. If you can bring your natural creativity and imagination to the bedroom, your sex life will never be boring. You know what it's like to emotionally connect with someone and truly make love (vs. just having sex). It will be hard (or impossible) to settle for anything less. Someone as loving and sensual as you should hold out for a woman who shares your passions.

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