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Here I want to put stuff about my experiences with online dating. I've checked out quite a few of the dating sites but I've found most of them are not worth paying for. Generally the first thing I do is try a basic search. I search for women seeking men, that are 5 foot 8 or over, 35 to 55 years of age and living within 25 miles of me. On many sites this search will yield no women at all. On Match Maker it yields usually 50 to 100. The way I see it, spending time and probably money on a site where almost no one will see it is a waste. Some sites require you to fill out a questionnaire before they let you search and I will do this if I have the time and the site looks likely enough. Other than Match Maker and I have only received 1 email from all the other sites that was from someone that lived within a hours drive and was anything close to my type. Though I do get many of those emails from women on Match Maker and as well. On the positive side I met my ex wife and made many friends from Match Maker when I was on years ago. This time around there seems to be a lot more sites but the people don't interact as much. Maybe it's because those of us doing the online dating 8 years ago were more of a like mind. Now that it's gone more main stream the crowd is more diverse. That said I have still met a lot of nice women in the last few years. I even got serious about a few but I still have not found that woman I can settle down with yet.

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