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Me without a beard again

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Taken: 2008 -6 -30
Source: Olympus C3000
Data Last Updated: 2008-06-30 16:34:55.0
Kind of messed it up trimming it and decided I might as well just shave it off and start over. Though if I/`m going to need to get up in the attic with a mask on to finish running cables not having a beard is probably a good idea too.

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Type Name Value
Jpeg Compression Type Baseline
Jpeg Data Precision 8 bits
Jpeg Image Height 2048 pixels
Jpeg Image Width 1536 pixels
Jpeg Number of Components 3
Jpeg Component 1 Y component: Quantization table 0, Sampling factors 2 horiz/2 vert
Jpeg Component 2 Cb component: Quantization table 1, Sampling factors 1 horiz/1 vert
Jpeg Component 3 Cr component: Quantization table 1, Sampling factors 1 horiz/1 vert
Jfif Version 1.1
Jfif Resolution Units inch
Jfif X Resolution 72 dots
Jfif Y Resolution 72 dots
Exif SubIFD Exif Version 2.20
Exif SubIFD Exif Image Width 1536 pixels
Exif SubIFD Exif Image Height 2048 pixels
Exif IFD0 Software Picasa
Exif IFD0 Date/Time 2014:03:21 11:09:29
Photoshop IPTC-NAA Record 22 bytes binary data
Photoshop Caption Digest -76 67 82 10 16 17 -99 -87 -100 37 80 23 94 109 14 -5
Iptc Enveloped Record Version 
Iptc Coded Character Set %G
Iptc Application Record Version 4