Just waiting

This one is just weird but it shows how sometimes things seem to come in waves. I'm on the country road to bypass the 1431 / 183 intersection. This road is only one lane each way but it's 55 mph so it gets quite a bit of traffic since the line at 1431 can be as much as a mile long at times. Anyway here I am about the end of rush hour and there are 2 Cedar Park motorcycle cops ahead of me. We get maybe a 1/4 mile past the rail road tracks and they just stop there on the road. No signaling to the traffic behind them or anything, just stopped blocking traffic. They sit there with me behind them till about 4 more cars pull in behind me. Then they just pull a U turn and slowly drive back toward 183. Now here is the really weird bit. I drive down the road a bit and here sits a woman in a white Mustang (see main page) in the road talking to someone in a SUV pulled just off the road. Note there was plenty of room for her to pull in front of the SUV but she stayed there for another minute or so till she finished her conversation with a line of cars waiting to get by.
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