Black Toyota pickup in Cedar Park

This guy in a black Toyota pickup (8KCN02) turned onto the access road (2 lanes each way between Wal-Mart and the restaurants) as I turned on from the Wal-Mart parking lot. I'm about 1/2 a mile away from him at this point. He then floors it and rides my bumper all the way to the exit. There is no light there so we waited for an opening and the car in front of me and I pulled out onto 1431 in the outside lane. This guy hesitated for a moment and the squealed into the inside lane. I'm thinking he is just going to blow by me so I stayed behind the slow moving car in front of me. We go about a mile and he has not pulled up at all so I went ahead and pulled into the inside lane. Immediately this guy ran up and started riding my bumper again and started flashing his lights! So at this point I can see we have not just an idiot but a world class one. So I slowed down but stopped short of going slow enough to let the guy in the outside lane pass me. About now we were coming up on the Cedar Park police station so I started to speed up enough to let the idiot get around. Thinking he could clear the road of speed traps for me. Well this guy popped between me and the car in the outside lane when there is barely a foot of clearance for his truck and then swung back into the inside lane before his rear tire is even past my front tire! I had to hit the brakes to keep from hitting him. Mind you this in front of the police station. Later I'm thinking I probably should have speeded up and let him explain it to the cops after he hit me. After all my SUV was 1/2 again the size of his truck and he would have automatically been at fault. But then the poor guy in the outside lane would probably ended up running into him too which would not be fair. I can't help but think this guy is going to end up killing someone though. So if you are in Cedar Park (and you already know that is dangerous), best keep one eye out for crazies like this guy.
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