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On the basket

Taken: 2001 -7 -23
Source: Olympus C3000
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They are jumping pretty well now! Sammy can almost make it to the top of the child gate now without climbing at all. He is all for checking out everyone else in the house. It`s getting to be a chore to try and keep him in the bedroom. I have let them mix some now that they have had their first shots and every thing seems fine as long as I can keep Precious and the big cats from eating all the kitten food. Precious is still a little uptight about even more animals in the house though so I`m trying to only let them mingle while I`m in ear shot. Sammy is determined to summon up the courage to try the shower. He jumps in tub right behind me while I get the water temp right and stays till his feet are good and wet. Then he peaks around and under the shower curtain till the water stops. All the while Junior sits just outside and tries to talk Sammy out of it. They have also discovered paper products on rolls are great toys. It does not matter which way the roll is on. If it dangles at all then it`s a toy. It`s the same with a roll of paper towels I left where I thought they could not reach. For that matter anything that can be moved has pretty much become a toy for them. Here are a couple pics of them with one of their favorite toys the basket.

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