Dark gray long hair

Description: Dark gray long hair
Data Last Updated: 2004-03-01 15:02:07.0
Name: Puffy
Name From: He looks like a dusty version of Fluffy
Gender: Unknown
Type: cat-feral
Breed: All black long hair
How Arrived:
How Left:
Mom: Momma
Aliases: Little Fluffy
Comments: 2002/8/24: I have not seen him in person in a little now I`m about 2 months behind on barn cam pics though so I don`t know if he is gone.
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2002-7-7 Puffy does not hide very well (173 kb) Updated 08-11-02 (08-11-02)
2002-7-7 Puffy up close (236 kb) Updated 08-11-02 (08-11-02)
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