All black cat from Ring`s 1st litter

Description: All black cat from Ring`s 1st litter
Data Last Updated: 2003-07-10 16:12:10.0
Name: Blackie 2
Name From: I figured since I have no pics of the orginal blackie and he died I`d reuse the name especially since I keep forgeting and calling him blackie.
Gender: Unknown
Type: cat-feral
Breed: Black short hair like Rings
Born: 2002/3
Arrived: 2002/3
How Arrived: Born in barn
How Left:
Mom: Rings
Comments: At about 5 months he`s about as big as his momma.
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2002-10-26 Pardon me (166 kb) Updated 11-02-02 (11-02-02)
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2002-10-22 Blackie waits expectantly. (160 kb) Updated 10-27-02 (10-27-02)
2002-10-6 We`re waiting! (168 kb) Updated 05-27-03 (05-27-03)
2002-10-6 Nice close up of Blackie (192 kb) Updated 10-27-02 (10-27-02)
2002-4-23 The kittens play king of the scratching post (118 kb) Updated 05-24-02 (05-24-02)
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