The King

Description: The King
Data Last Updated: 2008-06-24 22:15:21.0
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How Arrived:
Left: 2008/6/22
How Left: Appears to have got out of the fence and then just laid down and died.
Aliases: The King, Sweetie Pie
Size: 115pounds
Comments: Its hard to believe anyone would dump such a sweet dog but he is also a show quality dog so they must have spent some money as well. We had many people try to find his breeder. Not because we wanted to show him but every one at the shows thought he should be shown. He is fixed though so that`s not an option.
If you have ever read Dean Koontz`s `Fear Nothing` you would find Swiss has a very similar personality to Orson. Way to much personality for a dog or cat for that matter. I`ve met people less complex. Too often you get the impression that he is just wearing a dog costume. Especially when you look at his eyes.
He hardly ever causes any trouble but always assumes he is the one your yelling at even if you in another room. He generally likes to be near by though. If he does not get enough attention he will get depressed and has even been know
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2008-6-1 Last pic of Swiss (255 kb) Updated 04-27-09 (04-27-09)
2008-2-8 Swiss checks out the mess the girls have made of the yard. (250 kb) Updated 06-24-08 (06-24-08)
2008-2-7 Dude I ate the good stuff and all that is left is dog food. (160 kb) Updated 06-24-08 (06-24-08)
2007-12-31 Swiss standing in creek. (105 kb) Updated 04-19-09 (04-19-09)
2007-9-24 All 4 pyrs (249 kb) Updated 06-24-08 (06-24-08)
2007-9-2 Lady is starting to fit in. (272 kb) Updated 12-31-07 (12-31-07)
2007-8-25 Swiss and Lady have worked things out (251 kb) Updated 04-15-08 (04-15-08)
2007-8-13 Swiss using the scale as a pillow. (98 kb) Updated 06-24-08 (06-24-08)
2007-7-10 Swiss seems to be getting finicky (210 kb) Updated 12-31-07 (12-31-07)
2007-4-12 This shot is after I back filled the trench with rocks and covered it mostly with dirt. (384 kb) Updated 04-24-07 (04-24-07)
2007-4-12 Here is Swiss` trech after I filled it with rocks. (362 kb) Updated 04-24-07 (04-24-07)
2007-4-2 Plan B (234 kb) Updated 04-24-07 (04-24-07)
2007-3-30 I reenforced the gate so Swiss would not break out again so he tried to tunnel into the barn. (261 kb) Updated 04-24-07 (04-24-07)
2007-3-30 Swiss` tunnel from inside the barn (222 kb) Updated 04-24-07 (04-24-07)
2007-3-30 Another shot of Swiss` trench (344 kb) Updated 04-24-07 (04-24-07)
2007-3-30 Swiss was a bit muddy after trying to tunnel into the barn. (271 kb) Updated 04-24-07 (04-24-07)
2007-3-27 Swiss finally shows up around midnight after going walkabout. (193 kb) Updated 04-24-07 (04-24-07)
2007-3-16 An here I thought I had raccoon proofed the crawl space. (144 kb) Updated 04-24-07 (04-24-07)
2007-3-10 Swiss waiting for dinner. (162 kb) Updated 04-24-07 (04-24-07)
2007-1-27 Swiss tests the waters (267 kb) Updated 04-06-07 (04-06-07)
2007-1-17 Swiss wants to go somewhere. (173 kb) Updated 01-23-07 (01-23-07)
2007-1-16 Swiss reconsiders his decision to spend last night outside. (167 kb) Updated 01-20-07 (01-20-07)
2007-1-7 The Pyrs are enjoying a nice Sunday (215 kb) Updated 01-20-07 (01-20-07)
2006-11-26 Swiss had to lay down to get wet. (221 kb) Updated 12-28-06 (12-28-06)
2006-11-26 Swiss could swim a couple strokes over by the waterfall. (218 kb) Updated 12-28-06 (12-28-06)
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